Tuesday, February 2, 2010

...and then, I fell in love...

My life turned upside down a little over a year ago when I met my sweety. I was definately NOT looking for anyone and neither was she. We met at a party and the rest, as they say, is history. The life I was leading was not a bad life. It was just a life. And then, I fell in love!

I was raised in a small Georgia town as an only child of conservative Christian parents. I was taught from an early age that "good girls" grew up, got married to the right boy, had children and stayed home. That did not feel like a fit for me but I ALWAYS did what I was told. So, I was the cheerleader with straight A's that dated the boys from good families. I graduated, got married, had children and became a teacher. I was happy with my family but always felt a little removed from my marriage. I had always been more attracted to females that to males but that was not "allowable" where I came from so I simply shoved it aside. I did all the right things, went to all the right functions and existed for my children. Then, after moving to Florida, I was at a party...

I saw her the minute I walked in. I made my way over to her and introduced myself...and I fell into her eyes. She has the most incredible eyes. I knew that my life was forever changed. We met again a few days later when she came to my house for a visit. I was so flustered that I acted like an idiot and figured that I would never see her again. She brought me a book a few days after that and much to my surprise, I asked her to kiss me before she left. That was so out of character for me. I was the proper southern belle. She was not. And here I was hitting on her!

Fast forward 17 months and here we are...the hardcore lesbian and the southern belle. We live together with our little dog, 2 BIG puppies and a cat. My life has changed in so many ways....mostly for the better...haha. I laugh a lot, cry sometimes and feel loved in ways I never even imagined. Is it easy? No, not always. Would I change it? Well, not today...not most days...but catch me after a "discussion" and I may say "OH YEA"...but, honestly, NO, I would not change it...not today, not tomorrow, not ever. I love her. Simply that!

I am writing this blog to talk about the things that I experience in day to day life now. I am learning so much about myself. I am learning how to be a lesbian...haha! It is a totally different way of life and not in the way you may be thinking. It is more than just loving a woman. It is a lifestyle. It is funny..sometimes downright hilarious and that is what I want to share the most. The fun, the laughter and the love.

Here's to us honey....

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