Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I am pissed off and I have a migraine...Someone Please Explain Why Chelsea King Had To Die.

When I started this blog, I thought it would be mainly about my new life with the woman I love. Mostly humorous with some bittersweet pieces mixed in. But, today, I am not happy. I am pissed off. And, I have a migraine. These two things are not great separately but together, BAM, they are TROUBLE! Just ask my Sweetie, or my kids, or any random friends you may encounter. They will all tell you! Trouble…big trouble!

I do not understand why Chelsea King of San Diego County had to die.

Why was the monster who is accused of killing her allowed to roam our streets freely after what he had already done?

John Albert Gardner III has been accused of kidnapping and murdering this straight A student who’s father called her “Angel”. John Gardner is not new to the court system. He has been convicted of similar crimes before. He pleaded guilty in May 2000 to molesting a 13-year-old female neighbor and served five years of a six-year prison term. Prosecutors said he lured the victim to his home with an offer to watch "Patch Adams," a 1998 movie starring Robin Williams.

That girl was beaten before escaping and running to a neighbor.

Mr. Gardner "never expressed one scintilla of remorse for his attack upon the victim" despite overwhelming evidence, prosecutors wrote in a sentencing memo.
He had faced a maximum of nearly 11 years in prison under terms of a plea agreement but prosecutors urged six years. A psychiatrist who interviewed Gardner, Dr. Matthew Carroll, wanted a stiffer punishment, saying in court documents that he was a
"continued danger to underage girls in the community."

Gardner was on parole for three years, until September 2008, state records show.

San Diego police also say Gardner is positively linked to an assault on a 22-year-old Colorado Springs, Colo., woman who managed to fend off her attacker on Dec. 27 in Rancho Bernardo Community Park on the northern edge of San Diego, where King's 1994 BMW was found with her belongings inside.

So, again, why did Chelsea King have to die?

Why was the monster who is accused of killing her allowed to roam our streets freely after what he had already done?

What am I missing? He was convicted. He was a known offender. A recommendation had been made that he receive a harsher sentence than he received due to the fact that he was a continued danger to underage girls in the community.

Why the hell was he still able to walk the streets, stalking innocent young women? This young girl had a life to live. Love to give. People who loved her. Who is he to be allowed to take that from her? Who is he to be allowed to take her from the people that cared.

Where is her justice? Where were the people who decided to allow him freedom as he took her life? Do they know? Do they “get it”? Do they care? I hope so. I hope that we all learn a lesson from this. I hope that we start to spend more money on our criminal justice system and less on traveling to space. I understand that space travel is important. I also understand that human life is more so!

As I said earlier. I am pissed off! I will never understand why human life must be lost due to “human rights”. I will never get why a criminal should have more rights than an average citizen. I refuse to understand why a pedophile should be allowed the freedom to harm again when a professional stated that he would re-offend!

I take this personally. I am a woman. I am an incest and rape survivor. I am a human. I have rights. Yes, I am pissed off. I hope others are as well. Maybe that way, this young girl will not have died in vain. Maybe her death will propel other women, other incest and rape survivors, other humans who have rights, to come forward and take a stand. Demand that our rights be recognized. Demand that judges and lawyers and legislators understand that we will no longer stand for innocent lives being lost due to the “human rights” of criminals.

I know that we all have certain unalienable rights that are afforded us. I agree that we all make mistakes and that if we pay for them, we can get forgiveness. I realize that people deserve the right to “pay their dues” and be pardoned. But, this man was known to be a danger to others! KNOWN! His rights should not have outweighed the rights of young Chelsea. Unfortunately, this time, they did. He won that battle. But, with the help of the people, Chelsea can still win the war!

Call your Mayor, your Governor, even your newspaper. Just call someone and tell them that you will not stand for this anymore! That something must be done! That no more lives should be lost! Demand harsher sentences, better reporting, more involvement. Ask that this child’s death not be in vain. Do it for Chelsea. Do it for your child, your grandchild, yourself. Whomever you do it for, just do it!

And Chelsea, go rest high on that mountain, Honey. You will not be forgotten. Your death will not be in vain.

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